The Academy Vision


“The Ultimate vision of the OAFC Academy is the continued development and progression of home grown players through the phases to first team level. We feel this vision can be achieved through the following short, medium and long term targets.”

Short term.
We aim to maintain our current rate of players that progress to our first team, or are sold on to bigger league clubs. We also aim to compete with neighbouring academies in recruiting and developing the best players for our “Foundation Phase” and “Youth Development Phase” to progress into the “Professional Development Phase”.


Another element of our vision is to progress as many apprentices as possible to the ranks of the first team squad at the end of the apprenticeship. Our minimum aim is 2 per season per age group in the PDP and to progress 60% of Foundation and Youth Development Phase players each season into the next age group.


Medium term.

We aim to have all our training and games held at the same venue. We hope to achieve this by the start of the 2018/19 season. We also set our self a target of increasing our productivity levels of players who progress from apprentice to professional. This will be from our present minimum of 2 players to a target of 3.

We want to improve our levels of staffing qualifications to ensure that we have 30% UEFA A license coaches by 2018/19.We are striving to include more informal education and to deliver life skills sessions, organised by our YDP/Education Lead Coach.

We believe this will give us and the players a stronger foundation to build their football development skills for the benefit of the Academy.


Long term.

The vision for the Academy is for the Club to invest in our own state of the art training facility. This facility would have classrooms, a gymnasium, rehabilitation areas and the latest artificial pitch. The facility will also have a minimum of 4 grass pitches. This will enable us to have all our training and games programmes throughout all phases on one site. This will hopefully be in place by the start of the 2023/24 season, after which we shall seek to upgrade from a Category 3 Academy to a Category 2 Academy.

We will build on the brand of the Academy to give it an enhanced image that will attract the best players in the North West of England. Through this we feel we will continue to produce young players for the professional game.


How We Achieve?

The newly formed Technical Board will work hand in hand with the Academy Management Team in applying the construction and running of the departments in the Academy to be fruitful in producing young players for this football club.

To do this the Technical Board and the AMT will design and deliver SMART targets for the Academy Performance Plan for each department and each individual involved in the Academy staff. All this information will then be assessed and evaluated on success and failure in each element.



Successful outcomes will be recorded and discussed with the relevant departments and duplicated for the good of the Academy to “other” departments.



Failures will be openly discussed and dissected with evaluation by all relevant bodies including the AMT and the technical board. People will be given the opportunity to attempt new things/practices without the fear of failure.


New Ideas and New Vision

New ideas and visions must be embraced by all in the Academy. This will aid the advancement and development of its players and staff. Subsequently this will enhance its already glowing reputation in player development.


Relationships with the Football League and The Professional Bodies of The Game.

It is the also a key element of the Academy’s future that we as a body embrace “The Future” game and always support the plans of footballs governing bodies in relation to the development of our Academy.